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Shopify Multi-store Architecture: Simplifying Cross-Border Selling

Merchants selling cross-border face many challenges and choices. While platforms like Adobe Commerce use terms like Website, Store, and Store Views, Shopify operates a bit differently. This article will discuss new store considerations in the Shopify ecosystem, such as:

  • Multiple teams
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple themes
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple shipping methods
  • Multiple domains

Shopify Multi-store Architecture

The first concept to understand is the hierarchy between a Shopify Store and a Shopify Market. Below is a diagram illustrating this hierarchy.

Shopify Multi-store setup

Shopify Markets are groupings of geographic regions that merchants can define within the Markets admin to customize the storefront experience for different groups.

When to Consider Shopify Markets?

Use Shopify Markets if you have international traffic or a multi-language website, common in Canada. Evaluate whether to use Markets or Markets Pro. The Pro version includes additional features like regional payments and taxes. Using Shopify Payments can be advantageous. Shopify Markets is available in all plans.

When to Consider Shopify Multi-store?

Consider a multi-store setup if you have multiple teams, such as when managing two brands, each with its own visual identity and team, or if you operate one site per country. Using a multi-store setup when not needed can complicate management. However, if you have a complex system with independent teams, it helps maintain their autonomy. Note that stock synchronization, theme changes, and app setups are done manually for each store. Multi-store setups are available only for Shopify Plus, which includes 9 expansion stores by default.

Advantages and Recommendations

I recommend using Shopify Markets as soon as you identify international traffic or multi-language needs. This feature enhances UX and SEO throughout your store. Prioritize using Shopify Payments and apps like Shopify Translate and Adapt, and Shopify Geolocation to help with theme customizations.

A common mistake is not leveraging the full potential of Shopify Markets or Multi-stores. To maximize benefits, ensure you have a business or technical strategist on your team or partner with experts.

I lead a team of experts and can help you on this journey. Let me know how we can assist you!

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